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Shubiquack (CD)


English version
A musical fairy taile by Philippe Leduc and Marie-Christine Rey.

In order of presentation: Lorne Greene, Sherisse Laurence, Judi Richards, Philippe Leduc, Carlisle Miller, Camille Bélanger, Neil Shea, Mark Burns, Melanie King.

Background vocals  : Mary-Lou Gauthier, Judi Richards, Laurie Niedzielski.

Track titles :

• I'm Shubiquack

• To Work!
• Boo Hoo!

• Flashamy, the firefly!

• Pug the bug
• Goodbye
• It's us Jessica and Jeremy
• Shubi's coming tomorrow
• Toby let's go
• Peel, peel
• Bubble bubble!
• From Shubiquack


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